Whether you are beating the traffic to commute into town or just scooting for fun with family or friends, scooting is a great way of getting around. We love scooting in the Pentlands, along the front at Cramond and into town via the canal or the meadows. Not only is it fun it’s a fantastic form of exercise. Even short frequent scoots can make a huge difference to your physical and mental health.

Lets Go Scooting…

Choose By Brand

We only sell top quality brands so you can guarantee your scooter is built to scoot and will hopefully last you a long time. We are always looking at new brands and can source most, so if you know you want a certain brand let us know and we will see what we can do to source.

Choose By Type

There are so many different types of scooters. You may need a folding one for the office or for storage, one built for the true outdoors or perhaps you need a quality scooter for the kids. We have done our utmost to try and categorise the scooters to make your choice that bit easier… But don’t be afraid to ask, we will do our best to advise where we can.