Swifty Air Mk2


My personal favourite, especially in the atlantic blue. The Air mk2 is a all purpose scooter with top quality engineering, it has a slightly more robust build than the urban scooters, however it is still light and agile enough to be used any where.

If you want an everyday scooter and dont need a folding scooter this is one the one for you.


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My all time favourite scooter and the scooter I use the most! Perfect for the Edinburgh trails and less than perfect pavements!!

Escape the city with SwiftyAIR. Built for off-road trails, jumps and dirt riding, take your scooter on any terrain. Blasting down a trail on SwiftyAIR MK2 is awesome. Solid enough for trail riding with high spec 16-inch wheelsets, and light enough to carry or to fit into the car. SwiftyAIR can be pushed to the limit. Let the adventure begin.

• Cool styling and aggressive set up for off-road trails, jumps and dirt riding
• Essential features: high spec wheelsets, front and rear V-brakes
• Light enough to carry (8.9 kg)
• Strong for maximum durability (max load 150 kg)
• Tall option for riders up to 195 cm (6’5″)
• British Design, Handmade in Taiwan

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